Daily Photo 6.28.10 (My Orchid is ALIVE!)

Well, who knew?  All I had to do is ignore it and it would come back to life!  I got this as a gift over a year ago, and last summer I figured it died.  It sat outside in the 100+ weather, then this winter it froze.  I forgot all about it and I happened to notice it the other day, happy as could be!  Maybe it will bloom!! 🙂

My Orchid

My Orchid

Daily Photo 4.13.10 (Jade Plant)

Well, I am back to my usual photos.  Not so bad, I think I probably learn more by doing these small seemingly insignificant photos, since I try to make them more artistic, and try to do the perfect settings.  This is a little piece of a jade plant I got from someone tonight. (Thanks Nancy!)

Jade Plant