Daily Photo 5.14.10 (Central Market- Passport Argentina)

We went to Central Market today for the Opening Ceremony for the “Passport Argentina” event.  Very cool!  I am so excited they have alfajores! (Yummmm) They had some music, wine and food from Argentina.  They will be doing this through Sunday May 23rd.  Here’s a couple of photos from tonight.

Central Market- Passport Argentina- Music

Central Market- Passport Argentina- Decorations

Daily Photos 3.18.10 (SXSW- Music Day 2)

We went down to Auditorium Shores to see tonight’s free SXSW Concert, and we wanted to hear this band “Bajofondo”, they are from Argentina & Uruguay.  Of course I like Argentinians, so I had to check them out!  Their music is a mix of electronica/rock/tango.  I loved it!  They were so fun!  Of course I got carried away with the photos, but here’s a few.  Check them out, here’s their MySpace page http://www.myspace.com/bajofondomardulce