Blog Post 12.22.11(Making Art Paper!)

Well, not exactly making the paper itself, but making papers for collage.  If you have not tried it yet, you can make some really cool papers using Citra Solv cleaner and National Geographic magazines.  They even have videos on their website and a whole artist section with fabulous ideas!

This is one of my pieces I did using some of the Citra Solv collage papers:

Ruins at Night

Ruins at Night

What you do is drizzle the Citra Solv on the pages of National Geographic magazine as you flip through the pages.  It does not work on the ads (they are printed differently than the rest of the magazine).  Close the magazine and squeeze the excess liquid out of the magazine.  Let it sit for a few minutes (this depends on the temperature outside I think, it seemed to take longer with it being cold outside).  Then tear the pages out and let them dry.  The colors and patterns are amazing, and some of them are inspiring, that is how I came up with the idea for the piece above! Most of the images will be completely gone, but sometimes a ghost of an image remains, which is really fun to work with!

Here are some of the papers I came up with today:

Citra Solv Paper

Citra Solv Paper

I can’t wait to see what I get inspired to make with them!!

Blog Post 12.12.11 (Found great article on Buying Art)

Got my new Origin Magazine this weekend (and yes, I have work in it! Pg 63) and read the article “Trust Your Heart When Buying Art” by Origin Columnist and Owner of Russell Collection Fine Art Gallery– Lisa Russell.   It was wonderful to read, specially as an artist.

We as artists are often insecure about our art, and it was great to read her viewpoint on how people should go about buying art, specially coming from a “big gallery” owner.  If you have a chance, get the magazine, which can be found at Whole Foods Markets Nationwide.  It looks like they will have it online at some point, and If I see it posted I will definitely share it.  (Wish I could share more, but I am sure I should not) 🙁

Here’s the cover for the December/January issue: