Daily Photo 4.4.10 (NYC Day 4)

We had a busy Easter Sunday.  After we went to church at St. Thomas Episcopal Church, just a block away (gorgeous gothic building, I wish I could have photographed it!!), we went to Brooklyn, walked the Brooklyn Bridge and went to the top of the Rockefeller Center.

Brooklyn Bridge

Empire State Building (view from the "Top of the Rock")

Daily Photo 2.20.10 (Scarbrough Architecture)

I had a couple of hours of hanging out at the Scarbrough Building on 6th & Congress here in Austin, so it gave me a chance to really look at and appreciate the architecture of this gorgeous building.  I of course had to take photos!

Scarbrough Building- Since 1910

Beautiful Art Deco touches

Exterior details

Scarbrough Interior Details

Detail above the elevators

Scarbrough Light Fixture

Old Letter Box

Daily Photo 2.7.10 (“Water” Colors)

Well, after two and a half hours I got my “Water” Colors Photography Exhibit hung.  The Scarbrough Building on 6th St & Congress is just beautiful, with it’s an art deco design.  I think it all looks pretty good and I am pretty proud of it.  Here’s a couple of photos of the exhibit.  It’s very challenging to take photos of the glass cases, but here it is!

Hope you can drop by and check it out if you are in Austin!  It’s up till March 13th.  If you get to see it let me know what you think.

"Water" Colors Photo Exhibit at Scarbrough Bldg

"Water" Colors Photo Exhibit at Scarbrough Bldg (2)