Blog Post 7.23.12 (Dino Paintings)

Inspiration comes from all over!!
I just became a grandmother for the first time, and Mom & Dad wanted to get dinosaur things for the baby’s room. Dinosaur kid things are not that easy to find! Also I decided that he just had to have some original paintings from his grandmother, so I decided to paint a series of dinosaurs. This is one of the paintings from my “Paxton’s Dinos” Series.

I really like the way they came out!  They are playful & bright!
I decided I will sell prints of them, since the originals obviously belong to Paxton!  I will be posting the series on my website shortly with prices for the prints.

I did giraffes a few months back that came out really cute also…

This got me thinking about making different animals also, so I will have a whole children’s line of paintings!  Stay tuned!

Daily Photo 2.27.10 (Wildlife)

Tonight I went to the “Bandana Ball” Fundraiser for the Ronald McDonald House.  I donated one of my paintings (Antique Red Roses) for their silent auction and there were several bids on it! I am happy they liked it, and the money will help a good cause.

The Ball was held at the Texas Disposal Systems Exotic Game Ranch & Pavilion, which is a really neat place!  I am posting a few photos of the animals I saw.



Baby Antelope

Black Swan