Daily Photo 3.9.10 (wind chime)

It was a gorgeous day today, and of course I had to feel miserable!  My allergies are winning! (the reason why there was no daily photo yesterday).  I decided to stay home tonight from my Artist’s way meet-up group and rest, but I at least had to post a photo!  This is my beautiful wind chime on my back porch.  I think it’s a beautiful piece of art.

My Wind Chime

Daily Photo 2.1.10

Well, this is the reason I did not get a photo posted yesterday!  Getting ready for an art show, and I was overwhelmed with paintings all over my living room!  If you are interested in checking the art show out (if you are in Austin), below is the info.  I have my entire Horizon Series at this show!

“Passion for Paint” Artists: Marilyn Rea Nasky, John Bittick, N. Cabe Atkinson, Greta Olivas

North Hills Gallery, located at Northwest Hills United Methodist Church, 7050 Village Center Dr.

February 3-28, 2010

Artists Reception February 14, 12:15-1:30pm

Gallery hours: M-F 9am-5pm (closed noon-1pm), Sunday 8am-1pm