Blog Post 10.12.13 (Testing Technology)

I am extremely grateful & honored to be going to photograph a surgical mission trip to Guatemala. I am going with Dell Children’s Surgical Global Outreach and I am very excited!
I am now testing out the technology so that I know how to make it work while I am there. This is my first time doing a whole blog post from my iPad (with links & all). And I did not want to take a laptop, so I am trying to get everything to work w my iPad mini.
First I had to get my photos from my Canon 40d to my iPad. That turned out to be way easier than I thought! I bought a ‘lightning to USB camera adapter’, which I plugged my camera into and all my images show up on my iPad! I was worried that my raw format would not be viewable, but they are! I can import the images I want, then I can work on them with my photo apps. I did figure out that I need to convert my images to jpeg, which I did with a new app I got called Leonardo.
So far I posted an image to Facebook without any problems, so now I am trying it on WordPress!


Lets see if it works!!! 🙂