Blog Post 4.2.12 (New Painting…in progress?)

Finally got back into the studio to do some painting.  I do find it hard to get “warmed up” after not painting is a while.  I should have done some painting or drawing exercises, but being impatient, I jumped in and wanted to work on some paintings in progress.  I wanted to do “something” to all the paintings that are started in the studio.  But I kept looking at this one and I am really liking what’s happening so far.  Not sure if I am done or not with it.  I may have to stare at it a bit more.

I would love some feedback!! 🙂

8 thoughts on “Blog Post 4.2.12 (New Painting…in progress?)

  1. i like it 😉 but if you “wanted” to tinker with it, maybe a companion to the orange in the upper half, maybe slightly overlapped, in a different color but same tone?

    otherwise, if you feel it’s done, it’s done! 😉

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