Blog Post 1.15.12 (Working my Left-Brain!)

Well, if you are coming across this blog post, my left-brain worked!  I decided to move my blog over from to a hosted site.  There were quite a few details involved, and it will take a bit of tweaking, but the basics are done. (Yay!) I won’t explain all the details, since the few people I tried to do that to told me all they heard was blah, blah, blah, blah… and I figured if you are looking at my art/photo blog you are probably not that interested in the details.

The main reason for my change is that I wanted to be able to have ads eventually and monetize my blog a bit (I have to support my art career somehow! 🙂 ) and I was not allowed to do that on  Since I am writing more about my painting process I would like to have links to books I like so that they are easy to find and purchase.  And we will see where else this blog adventure takes me.

Stay tuned for links & info to my favorite things I like to use for my art.  I may do a special page, not sure yet.  This is definitely a work in progress.

5 thoughts on “Blog Post 1.15.12 (Working my Left-Brain!)

  1. looks pretty good so far! 😉

    hey, i’ll be interested in the details! maybe do a post a bit later just on that (for the us art-geeks that are interested)

    best wishes, should be good for you! 😉

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