Daily Photo 4.11.11 (Fashion Photo Shoot)

This was my first time doing fashion photos.  This was a challenging shoot but so much fun!  Also a great learning experience.  The details for this shoot were:  red wig (business logo has same hair), try not to show the face (it’s about the clothes), try to get detail of the clothes (vintage/retro clothes), shot in small hallway (all white walls).  So, I’m always up for a challenge!

This is my favorite shot.  My husband helped with the pose (that’s what I am not great at… yet).  If you want to see a few more of the shots check out my Facebook page.  Also, check out their online store The Paraders Retro.


Vintage/Retro Clothing- The Paraders Retro

Vintage/Retro Clothing- The Paraders Retro



4 thoughts on “Daily Photo 4.11.11 (Fashion Photo Shoot)

  1. Wow! Greta, this great! I like how you are stretching out and doing some really fun and interesting work! I Love this piece.

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