Daily Photo 12.3.10 (My new creation!)

Finally! I have been trying to work on this for months, and it has been one obstacle after another, but I finally finished one of them.  It’s my Luminescent Lamp, a small version of my Luminescent Vines, which was part of the Collaborative Project I did with friends back in August (it is at Authenticity right now).  I finished this one just in time to take it to Authenticity Gallery for tomorrow night’s Holiday Sing-along and Downtown Stroll.  Let me know what you think!  I plan on doing several more in varying sizes & shapes.


Luminecent Lamp

Luminecent Lamp



3 thoughts on “Daily Photo 12.3.10 (My new creation!)

  1. very beautiful!!!
    me and my friend had tried out glass painting on drinking water glasses for our festival diwali and had floating candles inside it….but our was very amateur attempt…this is just way too classy!!!

  2. thank you so much! I actually made it out of acrylic pieces, I sanded one side to make it “frosted”, and I used paint markers and glass paint. I am very happy I finally finished it, it was a lot of work!

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