Daily Photo 3.13.10 (Max’s Wine Dive-Austin)

Well, I delivered 4 of my large paintings to Max’s Wine Dive today.  They will be hanging during some special parties they will be having during SXSW and hopefully a few weeks past that.  They will actually be at “MAX’s Underground“, which is downstairs.  If you want to go and check it out, when you go in, just let them know you want to see the artwork, and they will take you down there.  They usually only have private parties down there.

Well, after I dropped of my pieces, I saw this image and I thought it was the perfect “Austin” photo for Max’s!

Max's Wine Dive- Austin

4 thoughts on “Daily Photo 3.13.10 (Max’s Wine Dive-Austin)

  1. Greta, that’s a great shot of MAX’s… Do you think you could send it to me for our files? I’m one of the partners, and I handle all our media, PR, marketing, etc., and I’m always looking for great MAX’s images… Thanks,


  2. Great shot and composition. I really like the reflection of the Frost Tower as an added bonus to the image.

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